Various child birthing classes in Katy are offered including The Bradley Method and Hypnobirthing.

Classes are taught by certified child birth educators at an additional charge.  Registration is required.

Every other month breast feeding classes are offered by one of our midwives, Connie Blokkum, CNM, IBCLC.  The cost is $20.00, Cash or Check only.

Postpartum care of mother and newborn baby class is offered quarterly by one of our midwives, Melissa Bates, LM, CPM.  The cost is $20, Cash or Check only.

Refer to Our Website Calendar for Current Class Schedules, Instructors Contact Information for Registration, and Class Fees.

You may also make inquiries at Katy Birth Center at 832-437-5876

For a list of Childbirth Classes and Instructors Contact Information click on this link:  Childbirth Classes


Acknowledgment Of Paternity (AOP) Video to Watch, if applicable:  AOP Video