The Experience

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Pregnancy is a normal but amazing event in your family. Your baby was created by and is a gift from God. It is our role to appreciate this amazing event and expect a normal birth. We monitor for any variations of normal or abnormal findings. We are teachers who explain healthy life habits and the process of birth. We are your friends and supporters as you labor and give birth.

We will provide labor support or be a quiet presence giving watchful attention to you and your baby. We allow the birth to proceed naturally, seeking to intervene only when we see a departure from the normal.

It is our responsibility to be well prepared through studies of pregnancy and birth literature and keep our skills sharp. We strive to stay up to date on the latest news, but balance this information with the heart of midwifery. Our goal is to provide the best care for you and your baby.

We do not provide care in high-risk situations, but maintain basic knowledge and skills for whenever special circumstances occur. If more skill is required, we transfer care, but will offer support and comfort measures as you desire.

Once your baby has arrived, we encourage breastfeeding as the God-given way to encourage placental delivery and ensure your health and that of your baby. We also believe this promotes bonding within your family.

We give God the glory as the Creator of this new life and give thanks to the Great Physician who opens the womb for birth.

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Childbirth Education is an important part of any pregnancy. While we spend time with you at each prenatal visit educating you about different aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum care, we highly recommend that you attend a series of childbirth education classes. We will be offering these several times a year at the birth center and have a list of area classes and instructors if you choose to take classes nearer your home. We hope to offer Bradley, Birthing from Within and Hynobirthing options at the birth center.

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