Statement of Philosophy

We believe:

  • Childbirth is a normal, natural event that is ordained by God and when supported in the most natural way, without unnecessary interventions, will proceed in an uncomplicated delivery of a healthy baby in most cases.
  • Preventative healthcare and conscientious prenatal care are the best ways to avoid complications.
  • The midwife’s role is to assist the birthing couple in a journey through pregnancy, labor/birth, and the postpartum, and newborn period by monitoring the complete process.
  • Childbirth is a family centered event and the parents should have the experiences they desire. We encourage specific requests regarding the birth experience, and try to honor the expectant parents’ requests concerning the birth itself.

Basic ServicesPrenatal care is the foundation upon which a healthy baby and pregnancy are built. Our clients are seen on a normal prenatal schedule and receive more face to face time with their care provider. The typical schedule is as follows:

  • Monthly visits until the 28-weeks
  • Biweekly visits from 28 weeks through 36 weeks
  • Weekly visits from 36 weeks until the baby is born

Additional included services:

  • Routine obstetrical labs are drawn during your prenatal care are processed by a full-service laboratory
  • You will receive education regarding nutrition, exercise and well-being during pregnancy, and the postpartum and newborn period
  • We will provide full labor and birth support and care

Postpartum and Newborn follow up care includes:

  • A follow-up home visit 24-48 hours after birth to evaluate mother and baby adjustment
  • Follow up office visits during days 4-5 and days 10-14 for breastfeeding support and newborn screening
  • Your care provider is available if additional care is needed
  • All clients are screened using Risk Criteria to ensure they are low risk and qualify for out of hospital birth
  • Cases involving complications which cannot be handled safely in the birth center or at home will be referred to persons trained to deal with obstetrical difficulties
  • If a transfer is deemed necessary during labor, KBC staff will accompany you for continuity of care and support