We had just gotten settled after moving back to Katy in August 2015. We were overwhelmed with the move. Our oldest daughter was starting kindergarten and at the time our twin girls were 3 years old and a huge handful! Our lives were full and busy! Not to mention, we were just days away from going on our family vacation to Disney World. In October, a couple days before my birthday, I discovered that SURPRISE!…I’m pregnant!! It was such happy news for our family because at that time we were losing my beloved grandfather who passed away one week later. When we told our girls that mommy was pregnant and we were going to have another baby they were so excited! The month prior to our happy discovery our oldest daughter Biella had been wishing for a baby brother and asking me out of the blue how we could get her a baby brother to play with.

I knew immediately that I wanted a different experience for this pregnancy. My first pregnancy was great and I sailed through it without any complications. I had a very fast 6 hour labor and delivered our daughter Biella naturally at a hospital. Then two years later our twins Evelyn and Julia were born also at a hospital. This experience was totally different since I delivered twins and also because I was given an epidural just in case we needed an emergency c-section. Thank God that was not the case! But my sweet, tiny babies were born just shy of 35 weeks and needed to stay in the NICU for 12 long days. This was a very emotional time for me and hard on our family, but in the end we were blessed to bring home 2 healthy baby girls.

My hospital births were by no means bad experiences. The nursing staff was kind and respectful and the NICU nurses were so nurturing. It also helped that I wasn’t laboring in the hospital for long, thus not needing to face any interventions. But I never cared for the sterile hospital environment, nor the constant disruptions to my sleep in the middle of the night by the nursing staff. So for this baby’s birth I wanted to create an environment as comfortable, warm, and as welcoming as possible. Thus I began my search into midwifery care. I had heard about midwives and birthing centers through friends and decided to meet the midwives at the birth center with my husband Paul. I felt very comfortable as we toured the birth center and met midwives Cathy and Natalie. Both were very welcoming and professional. We ultimately chose Cathy to be my midwife.

During my pregnancy I had excellent prenatal care and Cathy spent time at each appointment addressing any questions and concerns I had. She really cared about me and the precious life growing inside me and she was always available any time I needed to talk with her. I really educated myself on the different methods of natural childbirth. I read through several books: Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Hypnobirthing , etc. Since I had a history of extremely fast labors my husband laughed at me because he said I wasn’t going to need to put into practice the majority of the laboring techniques I was learning about. There wouldn’t be time. But he supported my need to prepare myself. I ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly. Yoga really helped to calm my mind and prepared me physically and spiritually for labor. I felt very empowered during this pregnancy because of the great care I received and the healthy, natural choices I was making for myself and my baby.

We anxiously awaited our son’s arrival. The day before his due date I started feeling contractions with cramping and a dull ache in my lower back. I realized this was the beginning of labor and called Cathy to tell her how I was feeling. We decided for me to keep going about my day but to let her know when things change. Around 5:30 pm as I prepared dinner my contractions were getting slightly uncomfortable. I relaxed in the bath that evening and got to bed early, as per Cathy’s suggestions. At 2:30 in the morning I woke up and realized the time, thinking “Man! When is this baby going to come?”. I hadn’t felt anything from the time I went to bed until then. So I went to use the bathroom and got back to bed. But there was no more sleeping for me! As soon as I got comfortable in bed my contractions started. They were good strong contractions and they were coming on fast, without a pattern to the length or frequency. I called Cathy after about 20 minutes of working through these contractions. In hindsight I should have called right away! We got to the KBC at 3:42. On the car ride over my contractions were getting more intense and were coming one right after the next. When we arrived Cathy checked my vitals and cervix and I was already at 8cm dilated! I got into the birthing pool as soon as the water was ready. I felt instant relief as the warm water eased the pain. The atmosphere was soothing with dim lights, aromatherapy and relaxing music playing in the background. It was so nice to experience a labor like this. I had maybe 2 or 3 strong contractions in the pool before the active pushing stage began. Cathy and Paul poured water over my back which helped me endure the peaks of my contractions. My sweet husband also massaged my lower back during those intense moments. Cathy and Jackie were encouraging me along the way and praying for me. After only about 5 minutes in the pool I felt an overwhelming pressure and need to push, so I did and my water broke! After a moment of rest I pushed through the next contraction and my baby’s head was out! I couldn’t believe how fast this was going. With the next push came the rest of the baby. Cathy said “He’s out, reach down and get your baby!”. So I reached down in the water and scooped up my newborn baby boy. Our son Michael Thomas Wyman arrived at 4:22 am on June 2, 2016. He was pink and perfect and had a lot of vernix on him. He cried some good healthy cries and all I could do was smile and laugh that he was here so quickly! I held him in my arms just looking at the face of this little angel that now belonged to us. Paul and I bonded with our new baby boy, holding him as he floated in the water. The cord was still attached for several minutes until my placenta was released. Then we moved over to the bed and I nursed Michael while Paul got to cut the cord. His footprints were stamped and then we got to take an herbal bath together. The warm water with those amazing herbs was so relaxing. We also had soothing music playing and the lights were dim. Everything was quiet and peaceful, such a special moment. I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes and couldn’t believe how close to heaven I felt. We got out of the bath and dried off. We got to go home just 3 short hours later after Michael was born. It was the last day of school for my kindergartener and we arrived at home just in time to introduce her and our twins to their new baby brother and send her off to school! After that I was so ready to collapse into bed and get some recovery sleep with our new precious miracle.


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