Several months ago, one of my closest friends, Rebecca, asked me to photograph the water birth of her baby. This would be her 3rd baby, and 3rd natural birth, at the Katy Birth Center. I didn’t hesitate even a little bit to tell her ‘YES’. I had photographed a birth once before, but it was a medicated hospital birth so this would be much different. Throughout the last 2-3 weeks of her pregnancy, there were several false alarms. I checked on her everyday and tried to stay as available as possible. FINALLY, on July 3 baby Dexter made his grand entrance into the world. Rebecca opened my eyes to a whole new birthing process I never would have considered and knew almost nothing about. She was so in tune with her body and coached herself through every contraction- “OKAY Rebecca. You can do this” she would say over and over. Her midwife, the birth assistant, her husband and I were her own personal cheer squad. I couldn’t believe how relaxed everyone was. Connie, the midwife, talked in the calmest voice, even while helping Rebecca through the worst contractions. Craig, Rebecca’s husband, was amazing! I don’t know that I would be able to stand someone squeezing my hand for hours, but he stayed right by her hunched over the pool with her the whole time. Good man! To be honest, I was probably the most nervous person in the room and I was not even the one pushing a baby out of my body. There were times I looked at everyone’s faces trying to see if anyone was feeling as anxious as I was, and they weren’t. I probably whispered “is that normal” at least 5 times. ‘Yes’ was always the answer, followed by a giggle. I’m a newbie, okay!? We were all stunned when Dexter weighed in at 10 lb. 7 oz., and I couldn’t stop thinking over and over what an inspiration Rebecca was to me. She is one strong mama…and a CrossFit mama at that! I tried to get as many details and emotions from the birth that I could. To protect the privacy of Rebecca, some moments won’t be seen here, but I think you’ll get a pretty good idea. Enjoy, and please join me in congratulating Rebecca, Craig, Alice, and Amelia on the arrival of their new little love!

Please click this hyperlink for the original blog with PICTURES: A Birth Story in Pictures

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  • Britt Kelly

    Fabulous pictures! I bet that was an eye opening experience!

    March 18, 2016

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