Our beautiful sons name is Judah Raphael. He was born July 4th, 2017, at Katy birth center. The story of how we got here is beautiful.  We drove down from Idaho with our travel trailer, 3 kids, a dog and 2 birds to visit my husbands parents for Christmas.  I ended up bleeding at I think around 14 weeks.  We went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with placenta previa which would require lots of rest and a c-section birth.  We brought this before the Lord and began believing for perfect healing.  The doctor in the beginning said it was a previa that would not correct itself because of the type it was and that I couldn’t travel anywhere because it would risk the safety of the baby and myself.  So this is how we ended up in Texas for nearly 9 months instead of just Christmas break! During one of my ultrasounds the doctor said that the previa was gone! The placenta had gone from the bottom to the top! Something totally impossible aside from a miracle from God! So I was able to go to Katy Birth Center for the remainder of my care.  All was well but then I began having symptoms of another condition of the gallbladder, cholecystitis, which is very dangerous for the baby.  We prayed through and the Lord delivered us our miracle yet again.  I was able to have a beautiful birth on July 4th. He was a little over 10 pounds! We brought him home and where so happy and blessed.  Well the next morning we noticed his breathing was strange.  We spent the day going to Dr’s, getting X-rays, getting transferred from one hospital to the next.  After midnight we finally transferred to Texas children’s NICU.  I had not been resting in bed like one would after having a baby.  He ended up in NICU for 2 days.  Again, God is merciful and his fluid in the lungs and fast labored breathing resolved.  What a traumatic time.  We were able to bring him home July 7th.  We were so grateful. Well I had done so much walking and not resting during this time that I set back my recovery time.  We had our plans to move to Alaska and after my 4 week appointment I was told that my uterus was looking like it was prolapsing. We decided to stay and rest instead of start out for Alaska. This was so discouraging for us as we don’t live here and needed to get on with our lives.  Again we brought my need for healing to the Lord.  Again God has been my healer.  At my 6 week appointment everything was healed.  We are in awe of Gods loving care for us.  He is still in the business of healing and all we need to do is ask in faith.  His love and care during this time has been life changing for my whole family.  We are grateful for all the people in our lives praying with us and for us during this time.  And now we are ready for our journey north to get settled in a home with our family.  Because we want to remember all God has done and honor Him for it we named our son Judah Raphael.  And when people ask why Raphael, that’s unusual, we can tell them that it means God heals and Judah means praise.  So we can give the testimony of how God led us through this wilderness and restored health so many times.  So we never want to forget what God has done here.  I’m grateful for Connie who has prayed with us through this process and been such a blessing.  And that’s our story.

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