Welcome to Katy Birth Center

At Katy Birth Center we have made an effort to create a home-like environment that makes moms and dads feel comfortable and confident about their birth experience.


When you find out you are pregnant, choosing how and where you will have the baby is a very important decision. At the Katy Birth Center we have created an intimate environment that makes moms and dads feel confident and comfortable about their birth experience. You have the choice to birth at home or at the center.


The midwives and staff at the Katy Birth Center are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest evidence-based research regarding birthing and parenting. From your very first prenatal meeting to the big day and beyond we will help you make the most of this precious miracle.

Call today to reserve your spot to attend one of our weekly meet the Midwives sessions to learn more about a wide range of options. The Katy Birth Center team looks forward to meeting you and your family.

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